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In for a night to remember? I can describe myself in few words:sassy, a flirty, self confident lovable women, yet elegant, classy and chic. I love the way my body flirts whit your mind and I think the conversation between your fingers and my skin is the most important discussion we can ever have.Seduce my mind and you can have my body and eat me slowly whit kisses. A boy speaks. A gentleman acts.

  • 28
  • Normálna
    Veľkosť pŕs
  • heterosexuálna
    Sexuálna orientácia
  • Žena
  • Športová
  • Anglicky, Francúzsky, Italsky, Španielsky

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  •   LJtrigga  pred 1 mesiacom

    Amazing shows from an amazing woman

  •   AlejandraScarlet  pred 1 mesiacom

    Thank you so muh Ramon for the good rating! I love to be in your company!

  •   chefen40  pred 2 mesiacmi

    sweet sexy bitchy :) thx PeterSweden

  •   AlejandraScarlet  pred 2 mesiacmi


  •   LiveJasmin Team  pred 4 mesiacmi

    LiveJasmin Team Vám praje šťastné narodeniny!

  •   AmorDeDragon  pred 8 mesiacmi

    A woman indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full of explicit sensuality, pure unrivaled passion and a loving heart that melts all the obstacles. Charming and seductive in every way. a true lady ....... that knows what she wants .. kisses my lady jayem

  •   AlejandraScarlet  pred 7 mesiacmi

    So sweet of you , darling! Thank you very much for your nice words !

  •   AmorDeDragon  pred 9 mesiacmi

    I am very pleased with ur professionalism, your beauty, you sweet tenderness and you loving heart. You are a beautiful lady thru and thru ..... and i am happy i had the privilege to be in your private adoring and loving all that u are. A beautiful lover, a sexxxxy angel, and a Queen of hearts.

  •   AlejandraScarlet  pred 8 mesiacmi

    So special moments whit you , like always ! Besos

  •   AmorDeDragon  pred 9 mesiacmi

    a beauty to cherish, to adore, to admire, and desire but most of all ................. a beauty to love unconditionally and completely. Love all that u offer and all that u are my beauty ..... so i send mega kisses for every inch of your sweet, tender sexxxy HOTBODY. all my love !!! for u

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