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I'm sexy and I know it! I see myself like a complex woman with sparkling eyes and a childish smile. I am fun, playful, compassionate and get off on trying new things. I still have so much to learn and experience. Thank you to all who will join me on my journey of self discovery and adventure. I really can't thank you enough.

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  •   AnnaShifferrs  11 hours ago

    Dears, i will be offline for the next 2 days so see you on Thursday. Kisses

  •   AnnaShifferrs  13 days ago

    Dears, for personal reasons i am sorry but i will be offline today too. See you all tomorrow. Kisses.

  •   AnnaShifferrs  15 days ago

    Dearly thank you for all your happy birthday wishes. All the best to you too dears.

  •   AnnaShifferrs  17 days ago

    Dears, just to let you know that I will be offline on 1st and 2nd of October. Kisses

  •   AnnaShifferrs  25 days ago

    Today is my one year anniversary in LJ! It\'s been a fascinating time with many good and bad experiences and I\'d love to focus on the good ones that I\'ve had with you. I want to thank all the special humans that I have met and got to know better over the past year and you have all given me the strength to stand on my own two feet and be myself. I hope for the next year I can continue to learn more about the special people I have got to know and be the best I can be too!

  •   LoisDNominator  1 month ago

    Gorgeous, Charming and So Sexxxy

  •   jackiechan135  1 month ago

    5 stars

  •   AnnaShifferrs  2 months ago

    Finally she smiles! U made my day thats why, J.V.R.

  •   AnnaShifferrs  3 months ago

    Dears, bad news, no electricity so have no idea when will be fixed so i can get online but the good news is that i will be online today. See u soon.

  •   AnnaShifferrs  3 months ago

    Dears, as u know by now, i am human too and time to time i need to rest, so today i will. See u on Thursday. In mean time stay safe and blessed. Kisses

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