I'm the Best Babe on the Site - Try me and see that, I always tell the truth.

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  •   BarryBird  6 éve

    I miss her! Anyone know where she is now??? :* lexi

  •   misogynist66  7 éve

    Cute girl ... a free spirit ... great body ... wonderful smile ... nice moves. Sexy, silly, satisfying.

  •   jcdaniels0816  7 éve

    The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
    (C) March 2010 - April 2011

    Did I tell you?
    I met her today,
    the most beautiful woman in the world

    She doesn't
    win beauty pagents
    or model for magazines
    and doesn't worship her own mirror.

    She cares
    for more than money
    for more than status
    and for much more than herself.

    She has
    a voice that melts my heart,
    eyes that pierce my soul,
    a touch -- a gentle touch -- that brings me peace.

    She likes me
    for who I am,
    and who I am not,
    and wants me -- to be myself.

    For she would have me no other way.

    She is divine
    for who she is,
    and who she is not,
    and I want her -- just as she is.

    For I would have her no other way.

    Her hand
    is so soft and delicate.
    (and although I know I will)
    I hold it, never wanting to let go.

    Her eyes
    captivate and entrance me,
    showing me her passionate soul.
    In them I see true beauty -- a sight to behold.

    Her whisper,
    soothes and calms me --
    quiets the beasts within.
    And with a word, "sweetheart," leaves me warm and fulfilled.

    So did I tell you?
    I met her today,
    the most beautiful woman in the world.

    Ah yes, I did.
    But did I tell you?
    She's you.

  •   jhnkango  7 éve

    sexy girl

  •   happyscotpaul  7 éve

    Thanks Lexee, youre very nice .. and what a fantastic body. Lovely x

  •   LAsugarDaddie4u  7 éve

    u r the best cu soon again! paolo xo

  •   Pure_NZ_Beef  8 éve

    Absolutley beautiful.

  •   Tophet  8 éve

    I enjoyed watching you writhe you body.

  •   thralldad  8 éve

    very nice....loved her

  •   skeett  8 éve

    gorgeous and fun

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