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I think every woman likes to be seduced and in my opinion key is not to advertise how much you want me(stick your dick in all my holes) but to make it clear why I should want you!

  • 21
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  •   Gyn_Master_  8 years ago

    http://members.livejasmin.com/perfinfo.php?performerid=01Charlize&tags=girl is a smart, attractive and eloquent young lady, who is blessed with a sparkling personality, a fiery temper and a sharp sense of humour.
    If you're gentle and respectful, with a glint in her eye and an enticing smile, she will literally charm the pants off you, on your very first visit to her small world.
    Be careful though, as you may fall under her spell, while being treated like royalty during your intimate encounter, and find that you can never leave her room again!
    Don't wait too long if you'd like to meet my one and only precious friend here, because, as soon as I win the jackpot, Charlie will most likely be on a permanent cam2cam link with yours truly!


  •   Furtive247  8 years ago

    Very intelligent with an awesome sense of humour and personality. Her beautiful smile is breathtaking. Great audio.



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