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I m the answer of all your questions about sexual fantasies.

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  •   FriseDesiree  5 days ago

    thank you sweety:X

  •   showmuscle  5 days ago

    amazing strong body. very beautiful girl

  •   maxmasi  8 days ago

    tks !!! simply tks !!! for your beautifoul....

  •   FriseDesiree  8 days ago

    grazie a te amore

  •   AlBundy59000  1 month ago

    Mince ! Je me suis fais avoir par le temps et je n'ai pas eu d'alerte.... Bizarre...
    Bref, c'était toujours un plaisir de passer du temps avec toi.
    J'espère te revoir très bientôt, prend soin de toi, je t'embrasse :)
    (et encore joyeux anniversaire ! ... en retard... )

  •   FriseDesiree  1 month ago

    quelle surprise mon cher:) merci beaucoup:). faut pas t inquieter y a toujours l annee prochaine:)).bisous pour toi AlBundy:X:X:X:X. A la prochaine:)

  •   jimach  1 month ago

    Hi there,

    Even though yesterday I've only had my 2nd private with you and didn't think it could be any hotter then the first one I must say you have really outdone yourself :D! I have to admit you are not only the sexiest, but also the funniest woman I've ever met here on LJ and I'm happy to have found you. You are truly amazing and I didn't think a beautiful woman like yourself could be into sex the way I am. I really like the interaction and 'chemistry' we have during our pvts and can't wait till we have our next session !! Just wanted to let you know you are very well appreciated and you are not only sexxxxxxxy but also funny as hell as you really put a big smile on my face yesterday in the end with your sense of humour (and sex ofcourse dohh). So yeah that's about it and I can only hope you are having as good of a time as I am having :D!

    Wish you a beautiful night, and a lot of hugs n kisses and can't wait till we meet again! :D Take care sweetheart!


  •   FriseDesiree  1 month ago

    Jimminny man:D mister jiggly wggly:D , your message is so sweet:). ofc I had fun :), I told you we have the same manner of playing:)).first time, second time , who counts? it's always special:*. ' till next time:X:X:x

  •   LiveJasmin Team  2 months ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   heckfy  2 months ago


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